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LifeSpan Network


Network of Excellence

Early-life events, late-life survival and health are closely related. But what mechanisms underpin these relationships? Can we identify them? Seventeen leading European research centres dedicated to studying mechanisms of ageing and development took up the challenge and formed LifeSpan, a Network of Excellence funded by the European Commission. 

More than 130 researchers in ten European countries embarked on new avenues of research to explore the mechanisms of ageing, especially in relation to development. LifeSpan studied the aging process over a broad range, and generated new insights into this process that concerns us all.

LifeSpan was funded by the European Commission, contract number LSHG-CT-2007-036894.

Duration: 1 January 2007 - 31 December 2011

LifeSpan executive summary


LifeSpan 2007-2011
PDF of Executive Summary
(25-03-2012) Read more.

Young Investigators Workshop IV - Paris
Summary report
(14-09-2011) Read more.

Rudi Westendorp honoured in the UK
by Newcastle University
(06-12-2010) Read more.

Report and photos
Young Investigators Workshop III
(14-09-2010) Read more.

Ron de Kloet received the country's highest civilian order:
the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands
(26-08-2010) Read more.

Link-Age / LifeSpan Workshop on Data Handling for Biogerontology Research
Summary report
(18-05-2010) Read more.

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