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LifeSpan Network

LifeSpan Network

Network of Excellence

Recently, the EU funded a Network of Excellence “LifeSpan” that integrates research into development and ageing. The overall aim of the network is to establish the relationship between early-life events, and late-life survival, and health, and to identify the mechanisms that underpin this relationship. In LifeSpan we will move to and from between observations in humans and experiments in (in)vertebrate models, to test effects detected in one species in the context of candidate longevity mechanisms in the others.
The LifeSpan consortium consists of the leading European laboratories that are crucial to studying mechanisms of ageing and development, and their interplay. In all these laboratories positions are open now, and will become available over the coming 5 years.
We are encouraging people to apply that are excited by the LifeSpan initiative and whom can contribute expertise relevant to the network. This will result in an enthusiastic and synergetic group of scientists that cover all relevant fields of expertise.

European Commission - Major Diseases Research Catalogue - volume II


LifeSpan 2007-2011
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Young Investigators Workshop IV - Paris
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Rudi Westendorp honoured in the UK
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Young Investigators Workshop III
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Ron de Kloet received the country's highest civilian order:
the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands
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Link-Age / LifeSpan Workshop on Data Handling for Biogerontology Research
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