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LifeSpan Network


Understanding ageing and age-associated diseases

Age-related diseases present a large burden to society, both in industrialised and developing countries. Life expectancy in industrialised societies has increased spectacularly, and many age-related diseases have become more apparent. Ageing also poses a burden on developing countries, where the number of old people steadily increases but the healthcare system is not fully equipped to cope with old age diabilities. These societal challenges must be met. This need for an in-depth understanding of ageing and age-associated desease was the starting point of the LifeSpan Network of Excellence.

The ultimate goal of LifeSpan was to create a durable structure in which the multilateral exchange of data, knowledge, and methodology between partners creates a synergy that substantially advance our understanding of ageing and age-associated diseases.

LifeSpan succeeded in its ambition to create synergy in research and advance the understanding of ageing. The Network:

  • Created a durable and synergetic integration of research in development and ageing, resulting in a European research community where all participans have mutual and essential corss links.
  • Generated scientific excellence in the emerging field of integrated research into development and ageing.
  • Spread the research results to professionals and the general public - essential in expanding the research field and implementing new findings into healthcare programmes. LifeSpan also raised awareness of the ethical issues involved in ageing research.