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Ron de Kloet received the country's highest civilian order:

the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands

August8 26, 2010


Ron de Kloet received the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands
On August 25th, Prof.dr. Ron de Kloet has been conferred the country's highest civilian order: the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands. During the 7th World Congress on Stress in Leiden, he received the order from the Mayor of his domicile Maarssen. De Kloet has been Professor in Medical Pharmacology at the Leiden University Medical Centre from 1990-2009.
Ron de Kloet is one of the most prominent neuroscientists of the Netherlands. With his research into the neurological and molecular regulation of stress he has acquired an international reputation. As a token of that, his work has been cited more than 24.000 times in the literature. 

Besides many national and international decorations, de Kloet is also an academy Professor of the 
Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences since 2004. This is one of the most honorary scientific functions in the Netherlands.

No definite goodbye 
In March 2010, de Kloet officially stopped his function as head of the department of Medical Pharmacology. However he does not stop with his full time job "it is too important to guide brilliant young scientists through their scientific adventure. I always liked my job - it is a very important part of my life", de Kloet mentioned in a recent interview in Cicero. Luckily for the LifeSpan Network of Excellence Ron de Kloet will remain as active as ever and will continue to bring his expertise on the central role of the brain in regulating the responses of the organism to environmental conditions, including stress, during development and adulthood. Furthermore, he is a very approachable and committed mentor for the many young students and investigators within the network, and as such an example for us all.

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