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LifeSpan Network

Integration and collaboration

Building a European research community

LifeSpan envisaged building a durable structure for the exchange of data, knowledge, and methodology, in orde to create a synergy that substantially advanced our understanding of ageing and age-associated disease. A European research community was built connecting LifeSpan participants. It generated mutual inspiration and took science to the next level.

LifeSpan has been successful in developing new collaborations and networks between researchers at many stages of their scientific career. Young Investigators Workshops were organised on a yearly basis. They brought together PhD students and postdocs working within LifeSpan or on other projects in the field of ageing. Also, two thematic LifeSpan workshops aimed at young and established researchers contributed to the integration of teh ageing studies.

LifeSpan actively stimulated interaction between scientists and clinicians. Academic and practice-oriented knowledge was exchanged during international conferences organised by LifeSpan including the 6th European Congress of Biogerontology (2008, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands) and the Autumn Meeting of the British Geriatrics Society (2011, Brighton, United Kingdom).

Conferences & workshops

  • 2 International conferences, a total of 650 attendees
  • 4 Young Investigators Workshops, a total of 120 attendees
  • 4 Annual meetings, a total of 250 attendees
  • 7 (wet and dry) Workshops, a total of 200 attendees