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Public communications

Reaching out to the general public

Ageing concerns us all. Spreading the scientific results is essential for the expansion of the research field, validation of results and their implementation in healthcare programmes. It also is vital in order to create public awareness about the ethical issues of ageing research.

LifeSpan reached out to the general public. Knowledge on ageing was communicated to various non-academic audiences.

Reaching out to the general public

  • Over 100 articles in popular non-academic journals and newspapers
  • Over 50 radio and over 25 television programmes
  • Numerous presentations for non-academic audiences
  • Several book presentaions

I want to live forever ... and I want to make babies!

When it comes to reaching out to the (young!) general public, the production of a LifeSpan film stands out. In the movie, 'SENEX', several LifeSpan researchers have an acting role. A bored Rogier Verbeek realises that time is running out. He asks his doctor for help. The doctor refers to a London-based scientist who canetend life. The scientist takes Rogier on a fascinating trip into the world of senescent cells, ageing and lifespan.

Based on this film, LifeSpan also produced a series of lessons entitled 'I want to live forever'. These lessons - for secondary school students - cover a wide range of biological subjects and are accompanied by several short videos and the game 'I want to make babies'.