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LifeSpan Network

Joint initiatives

The future of LifeSpan research

The five years of LifeSpan has yielded a broader perspective of the biogerontological research in Europe. LifeSpan has played a leading role in the integration of European scientists outside the network by initiating collaborations with other EU projects such as Link-Age, NuGo, GEHA, WhyWeAge, FUTURAGE and CRESCENDO.

CRESCENDO was a EU Integrated Project. Its 25 participants were committed to research on (post-)genomic approaches to study processes in development and ageing mediated  by nuclear receptors.

Thanks to the joint initiative of LifeSpan and CRESCENDO, research will be continued in the new European projecs IDEAL and Switchbox. These initiatives contain much of the LifeSpan theoretical framework that merges the knowledge on development with than on ageing and the work on humans with model species.

Overall, the LifeSpan Network of Excellence has yielded multiple new collaborations and spin-off projects and created a durable structuring of the way that research is carried out on the topic of development and ageing.